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Valentine's Day Decorations
by Brenda Arnold
Valentine's Wreath: Create a cute heart wreath.
heart wreath craft decoration for Valentines DayMaterials needed:
Valentine's Day color Construction Paper (Red, White, Pink, Purple) Paper Plate, Scissors, Glue, Heart Pattern String or Yarn for hanging. 
1. Cut a lot of small hearts of different sizes from the color or colors of construction paper of your choice.
2. Cut out the middle of a paper plate, leaving the rim.
3. Glue your hearts all around the paper plate to form your wreath.
4. You can tie a ribbon on it if you wish, or hang string to the back to hang from a nail or hook.

Valentine Candy Cup: Create a holder for Valentine candy with a foam can hug and DecoArt Foam Paint.
Valentine heart candy cup decoration craft for Valentines DayMaterials needed: Darice Can Hug- Pink, Darice Foamies Foam Stickers- Candy Hearts; Flowers and Leaves , DecoArt Foam Paint- Apple green and Hot Pink.
Instructions: Refer to photo for placement of flowers.
Place heart and circle stickers on can hug as desired, alternating heights.
Place two leaf stickers for each flower, fitting into spaces between flowers.
Use Hot Pink to paint spirals over circles.
Refer to photo and use Apple green to paint wavy lines for flower stems; let dry.

A Valentines Day Tree
A great Valentine's Day decoration idea would be to have a small Christmas tree
decorated with white and pink lights, heart and other pink Valentine ornaments, pink silk flowers, ivy etc. This will be come the centre of attraction in the party.

Table Decoration Ideas
A nice idea would be to cover the table with a white tablecloth or sheet and sprinkle it with candy hearts and candy kisses. Sequins may also be used for extra color and sparkle. Chairs may be decorated with pink tulle and a fluffy bow may be tied at the back.

Lollipop Flower party Favors: Two classic Valentine's Day gifts, flowers and candy, combine to make one sweet treat.
valentine flower and lollipop favors decorating craft for Valentines DayMaterials:

Scrapbooking paper or card stock

: For each favor, cut three heart-shaped petals, two leaves, and two flower centers from scrapbooking paper or card stock. Poke a small hole in each, crease the petals as shown, and slide the pieces onto a lollipop stem. Tape the bottom to secure. Leaves can have person's name as a  place-card or use one of these cute sayings: "You're a sweet heart",  "Our friendship is blooming", or "Be my bud-dy"
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