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Thanksgiving Decoration Crafts
by Brenda Arnold
Indian Corn Party Favors: These little bags of candy almost look like real Indian corn, and make great treats for your guests to take home!
Indian corn party favors for Thanksgiving decorationsSupplies:
Clear pastry bags (12")
Wooden circles (about 1-1/4” diameter)
M & M’s (yellow, red & brown)
Double sided tape
Twisty ties (tan)
First, take out a clear pastry bag and two wooden circles (which can be found at most craft stores). Then measure up about 3 inches from the tip of the pastry bag and cut the end off. Take one of the wooden circles and put it in the pastry bag, letting it fall down to the end. Try to not let the circle fall out the cut off tip. The goal here is to get the circle to form a flat bottom to the pastry bag. To do this, push the circle evenly down until it fits snugly in the tip.

Once you have managed to get the circle in place you will want to tape down the excess plastic on the end. You should have no more than about a 1/2" of plastic to tape down. If there is more than this, trim some off. Next, apply more double-sided tape to the folded over plastic, and press a second wooden circle on top of this. You should now have a nice flat bottom to the pastry bag.

Start filling up the bag with a random assortment of the red, yellow and brown M & M’s. Fill up the bag about 3 to 4 inches high with the candy. Tie off the top with a tan twisty tie. Cut most of the remaining plastic off so only an inch or so is left.

Put on the raffia so that it looks like a corn husk on the end of an ear of corn. Take the ends of a few strands in one hand and begin to loop the raffia up and down, grabbing hold of all the loops on one end. Now with the end of the raffia that you are holding, start to work the loops around the tied off top of the bag so the top of the plastic is hidden. Then anchor them in place with another twisty tie. Then to hide the twisty tie, we took a shorter piece of raffia and tied a bow around it. Once the raffia is tied in place around the neck of the bag, cut the looped ends at the top so they stand up straight.

Turkey Centerpiece:
This gobbler is guaranteed to be the center of attention at your holiday table!
Turkey Centerpiece Decoration for Thanksgiving tableSupplies:
Construction paper in assorted colors
Paper bag
White glue
Red chenille stem
Trace your hand on several colors of construction paper and cut out for feather shapes.
Roll back top edge of paper bag and glue on feathers.
Cut out wings, head and pilgrim hat from construction paper. Attach to bag. Use a red chenille stem for the turkey’s wattle.

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