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Table Decorating Crafts
by Brenda Arnold
Flowered Placemats: Use a wilting bouquet or gather flowers and leaves to make beautiful place mats. Colors eventually fade to browns for a truly elegant look.
pressed flower placemat for mother's day craft or giftSupplies:
Clear Contact Paper
Flowers and Leaves
For each place mat, cut 2 pieces of contact paper approximately 12" x 18". Peel the backing off one piece and lay it sticky side up on the table. Remove blossoms and leaves from their stems and arrange them on the sticky side of the contact paper. Press everything flat with your fingers. Some flowers will work better if you remove the petals and use them individually. Peel the backing off the 2nd piece of contact paper. Place it sticky side down over your arrangement. Do not worry about lining up edges exactly. You will probably get some wrinkles. Just press everything down as flat as possible and your place mat will look beautiful. Trim around all edges with scissors, or make decorative edges by cutting scallops or applying colored tape.

Paper Weave Placemats
paper weave placemats are great decorating craft idea for parties and holidaysSupplies:
scissors, glue, ruler, pencil
one 18" x 12" piece of construction paper.
- this larger piece will become the background color for the placemat
16 strips of construction paper in a single color or multiple colors
- these strips should be 1 inch wide by 12 inches long
Optional:  clear contact paper.
Take the large piece of construction paper and fold it in half across the width.  Use you ruler to mark the paper a each inch along the folded edge.  Do the same along the open edge but the marks should be 1 inch from the edge of the paper.  Draw a line connecting the marks.
 With the paper still folded and starting at the fold cut along the lines being careful to stop one inch from the open edge.  Unfold the paper to reveal the loom that you have created.  Weave the one inch strips through the loom.  If you are using multiple colors be sure to alternate them for the most colorful effect.  Glue the ends of the strips to the edges of the loom to hold them in place.
 - Use clear contact paper to 'laminate' the placemat and extend its life.

Napkin Rings:  
use beans or acorns to decorate a paper towel ring and create original napkin ringsSupplies:

Empty paper towel tube
Variety of at least four types of dried beans
Glue gun & Scissors
Cut empty paper towel tubes into 1-1/4" rings. Use glue gun to attach beans all around ring in a decorative pattern.

Shirt and Tie Chair Decorations:
Try taking a few of Dad's button down shirts and closing the buttons, then slipping them over the chairs at the dinner table. Now, take one tie for each chair and tie it in place at the neck! Now, everyone, including Dad will get a great laugh at this whimsical Father's Day decor!

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