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St. Patrick's Day Gift Crafts & Games
by Brenda Arnold
play irish hot potato on St Patrick's dayIrish Hot Potato: A fun and simple children's game.
Potato  Celtic or Irish Jig Music
How To Play: 
Sit the children in a circle. Hand one child the potato. Explain to the children that when the music begins they will pass the potato to the person on their right. When the music stops whoever's holding the potato scoots out of the circle and playing resumes. This game also provides a great opportunity to discuss agriculture in Ireland. Perhaps they could pass while you talk and when you stop (every once in awhile) the person holding the potato has to recap what you said.

St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Kisses:
 These little packaged kisses leprachaun kisses poem and label for St. Patricks day party favorsalso make great party favors, or look festive used as placeholders for St. Patrick's dinner.
Supplies: Circle of white or green tulle or a clear plastic bag
narrow green ribbon
Leprechaun Kisses poem
Hershey's Kisses
Directions: Place 3 to 5 Hershey's kisses in the center of a tulle circle or add to a clear plastic baggie. If using the baggie, you can also add a small amount of green glitter or St. Patrick's day confetti. Gather up the tulle or baggie and secure with a narrow ribbon just above the chocolate kisses. If desired, copy one of our Leprechaun Kisses Poem labels to your computer, print and cut out. Punch a hole in the left corner of the label and thread it onto the ribbon before tying in place.

St. Patrick's Day Scented Sachets:
Make a sweet, scented doily sachet, decorated with green ribbons and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.
St. Patricks Day scented sachet giftable craft for St. Patricks DaySupplies: -2 Heart shape paper doilies  -White craft glue -green Ribbon 
-Shamrock sticker, confetti, or cut a shamrock from green paper  -White tissue paper  -Fragrance oil, regular cologne or perfume
Directions: Glue together two paper doilies leaving an opening at the top of your doily. Allow the glue to dry.
Tear up a little white tissue paper and spray a little fragrance on the tissue. Once your glue on the doilies is dry, push the scented tissue paper inside the doily and glue the doily opening closed. Allow the glue to dry before handling again. Tie a small green ribbon bow and glue in place (see photo) and attach either a shamrock sticker or cut out to the heart doily. You can also add a written greeting to the center of the heart with a green pen or marker. If you decide to add a greeting, be sure to make this the first thing you do, as it will be difficult to write on the doily once it is assembled.
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