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Holiday Party Invitation Crafts
by Brenda Arnold
Black Magic Party Invitations: Print invitation text on computer postcard paper (8 1/2-by-11-inch sheets perforated into four sections). Use painter's or masking tape to secure the cards, information side down, to the work surface. Evenly tape the entire border of each card. Color the backs of the cards completely with brightly colored crayons, then coat with a thick layer of black tempera paint. Once the paint has dried, ask your favorite young artist to etch designs on the black background. To vary patterns and line thicknesses, experiment with such implements as plastic utensils, nails, toothpicks, and coffee stirrers. If you end up with extras, frame them with orange construction paper and use them as decorations at your party.

Graduation Diploma Invitations:  Make invitations into little diplomas
Use a calligraphy pen to script the invitation, roll the paper up and tie with a colored ribbon.

FLOWER PARTY INVITATION: These blossoms open up one petal at a time, presenting  birthday party details.
flower power birthday invitation craftSupplies:
For each invitation, you'll need:
1 sheet of card stock
Small piece of card stock in a different color
Hole punch
Paper fastener
Petal Template
To make one, cut 4-inch-long petal shapes from the large piece of card stock and cut a 1 1/2-inch-diameter circle from the smaller piece (or print a template). Punch a hole in the narrow end of each petal and again in the center of the circle. Stack the petals and place the circle on top, lining up the holes, then secure them together with a paper fastener. Open up the flower and use a marker to write party details on the petals. Note: this invitation may require additional postage if sent through the mail.

Dried Pressed Flower Invitations: You can press and dry delicate flowers and then use them to make beautiful party invitations.
pressed flower stationary or placecards for easter crafting idea for easter or spring decorationsSupplies: Fresh, delicate flowers Coffee filters (optional) Phone book Good quality paper (to make the card or stationery) Scissors Glue Tweezers  A brush
Directions: Pick some delicate flowers and leaves - sturdy flowers and thick leaves do not work so well and take a lot longer to dry than the delicate ones. Some plants that work well are California poppies, buttercups, tiny daisies, clover, ferns, pansies, and thin-petaled blooms. Press each bloom/leaf in a thick telephone book.  You can protect the pages of the book and speed up the drying process by pressing the flowers between flattened coffee filters. The coffee filters absorb a lot of the moisture as the flowers are pressed. It takes at least a week or two to completely dry out and press a flower - bigger blooms take longer. When the plants are dry, carefully remove them from the book. Arrange them on your paper in an artistic manner. You may have to trim some stems with a scissors. Remove the plants, remembering where the plants were so you can put them back later. Brush a thin layer of glue on the paper where the dried plants were. Carefully put the plants back in place. This can be difficult and using a tweezers to place them on the glue can be helpful. Make sure all the plant material is touching the glue and lying flat on the paper. Let the glue dry completely. 
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