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Outdoor Craft Decorations
by Brenda Arnold
Balloon Piñata:
Cinco de mayo Balloon pinata decoration and game ideaSupplies:
Large bowl
Candy and toys (optional)
Broom handle or bat
To make a balloon piñata, tear newspaper into strips. Mix flour and water together to make a paste. Blow up a balloon, and cover it with strips of newspaper dipped in the flour and water paste. Cover the balloon completely. Allow it to dry for a day or 2, turning it occasionally during that time. When the balloon is dry, paint it in bright, decorative colors. Cut the top off the balloon and punch several holes around the top edge. Thread yarn through the holes, tie them together, and hang up your piñata. Fill the balloon with candy or toys if you want to use it (and break it) for the piñata game!

Halloween Ghost Flag:

This friendly ghost flag looks great hanging in a tree or near your front door.
ghostly flag Halloween decoration idea for Halloween craftSupplies:
1 white garbage bag
Large branch
Purple and black craft foam
3 large buttons
6-8 flat marbles
White craft glue
3-4 feet of yarn
Clear sturdy tape, such as shipping or packaging tape

1. Lay branch on work surface.
2. Place closed end of plastic garbage bag near the branch. Insert branch into the bag, poking through the side, running branch through the bag and out the other side (see image).
3. On the side of the bag that is attached to the branch, use scissors to cut two triangles; these will create the space between the head and arms. (Note: Cut only the two sloping sides of the triangles so that all of the pieces remain attached the bag. See image)
4. Tape the excess bag that you just cut, attach it to the branch.
5. Cut two ovals from black foam for eyes, and a simple mouth as well. Glue to the head portion of the bag (see image).
6. Cut out a simple bow tie from purple foam and glue under smile.
7. Glue 3 buttons down the front of the ghost’s body.
8. Go to the bottom of your ghost, which is the open end of the bag, and cut a triangle type pattern to create a jagged edge (see image).
9. Line up the jagged triangles on top of each other. Glue flat marbles in between a front and back jagged triangle. You do not have to glue them to every one, just put enough in to give your ghost some weight.
10. Tie yarn to one end of the branch. Wrap around several times to secure well. Tie the other end of the yarn to the other end of the branch, thus creating your hanger.

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