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Baby Shower Gifts to Craft
by Brenda Arnold
Baby Gift Baskets:
home made baby gift baskets are a great gift for baby showersGift baskets which can include boxes, tote bags and baby bath tubs too are widely available in pink and blue. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which makes them perfect for storing baby's gear in after the original contents have been used. A baby gift basket is typically filled with items specially for baby. Such as a receiving blanket, a pacifier, a rattle, a lullaby CD, a pair of booties, a keepsake and a cute stuffed animal. Popular baby gift basket themes include, baby feeding, baby's bath time, or a popular children's movie or cartoon character. A baby gift basket is a lovely way to give or send good wishes to new parents. It also makes a nice hospital or welcome home gift, plus a useful baby shower gift, and a great baby shower party table centerpiece too.

Baby Blankets:
home made baby blankets are a crafty way to give a great present at a baby showerYou can make personalized blankets for the baby. If you crochet of knit, then it may even become the gift that is expected for your family and friends. If you can sew, trim a simple plain fleece blanket with satin or wide ribbon trim. Make sure the trim is washable and the blanket is pre-shrunk. If you cannot crochet, knit or sew, make a no-sew baby blanket. Start by choosing a solid and a patterned piece of fleece, approximately 60 inches square. Lay one on top of the other with the wrong sides together. Cut 5 inch fringes all the way around, then tie the front and back fringe together. You can then sew or attach a teething ring or soft teddy bear to your blanket to make it the child’s favorite.

A labor of love:

You can give a babysitting I.O.U. as a gift, or you can offer to help decorate the baby’s room for the mom. If you have artistic talent, you can paint a mural or create a stained glass painting for the baby’s window.

Photo Albums:
baby photo albums or scrapbooks make a nice baby gift you can craft yourselfPhoto albums make perfect baby shower gifts and you can create a scrapbooking photo album for the new parents to be. Decorate the album pages with cute baby motifs and leave space on each page for them to insert their photos. If you want to use lettering on the pages, you could have text that reads "Home from the hospital" or “Baby’s first bath,” etc. A nice touch is to include some extra scrapbooking supplies in the back of the book so that the new parents can keep adding to the album.

Padded Picture Frames:

Padded picture frames are a great touch for the nursery and are easy to make. All you need is a bit of foam to pad a frame, scraps of fabric to cover it and ribbon to finish it. You can add cute motifs such as curly yarn sheep. Wooden picture frames also make nice baby shower gifts if you paint them and add painted wood cut-outs in fun nursery-inspired designs.
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