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Decorating Crafts for a Baby Shower
by Brenda Arnold
How to Make a Diaper Cake:
a diaper cake makes a great centerpiece for a baby shower, along with being a great baby shower giftA diaper ‘cake’ not only makes a great centerpiece but is also a useful and practical gift for the mom-to-be. How many diapers you will need will depend on how many tiers you would like the cake to be. But as a general guide you will probably need about 50 newborn disposable diapers for a three tier cake.

The cake could be decorated with baby blue or baby pink colored ribbons or with pale lemon or mint green ribbons. Some little baby items can also be used to decorate the cake. For example a pacifier, rattle, hair brush, bib, teething ring and little socks or booties. The cake can then be topped with a small teddy or other soft toy, rubber ducky or a baby’s bottle.


Disposable newborn diapers
An empty paper towel roll (you’ll only need the tube) or a tall baby’s bottle
Rubber bands or yarn
Little baby items eg. pacifier, rattle, hair brush, bib, teething ring, little socks or booties
A small soft toy (rubber ducky or a baby’s bottle to top the cake)
Lots of ribbon (narrow and wide)
A large cardboard disc covered in aluminum foil or baby gift wrapping paper, or a cake board or suitable tray.
Begin by rolling as many diapers as you think you may need and securing with a rubber band, narrow ribbon or yarn. You can always roll and secure a few more if you find you haven’t done enough. Then stand the diapers vertically around the base of the paper towel tube. Hold in place by tying a length of narrow ribbon or yarn around them. Around this first circle of diapers stand a second row of rolled and secured diapers, and hold these in place as before. Repeat this process until this cake layer, or tier, is the size you would like, firmly securing around each row. So that in effect you have circles within circles. For the second tier, starting next to the paper towel tube and on top of the first tier, stand more secured and rolled diapers, securing the completed circle as before.

Continue as for the first tier, securing around each complete circle of diapers with ribbon or yarn until the second tier is completed, this should be smaller than the first tier. Repeat this process for the third tier, making this layer smaller than the previous two layers. Then wrap a length of wider ribbon around each completed tier. This will not only help to keep the layers in place but will also hide any rubber bands, or yarn that you may have used in securing the diapers. To decorate the cake tuck little baby items into the wide ribbon, and top the cake with something suggested in the ingredients or with something of your choice.Baby Shower Customs:  A key element is the “showering” of gifts on mother and baby-to-be. For this reason, baby showers are hosted by a female friend of the family, and not by herself, her own mother or mother-in-law: that would make the expectation of gifts seem greedy. The gifts range from practical to aesthetic and fun, from handmade to very expensive.

Rubber Duck Table Centerpiece:
rubber ducky baby shower decorating ideaA fun baby shower centerpiece can be made by arranging glass marbles in the bottom of a clear glass or goldfish bowl, filling the bowl two-thirds full with water and then floating rubber ducks on the water's surface. Depending on the size of the bowl you could choose to have all small rubber ducks or a mommy (and daddy) duck with duckling(s). A variation of this table centerpiece idea is to fill a baby's bath two-thirds full with water, tie a ribbon around the tub and then to float rubber duckies on the water's surface - simply adorable!
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