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Mother's Day Gift Craft Ideas
by Brenda Arnold
Home-Made Coupons from the Heart:
Give Mother's Day coupons that mom can cash in whenever she wishes. Either buy a small notebook and write the coupons in there, or cut out little cardboard hearts and write the messages on them (you can keep all the cardboard hearts together by putting them into a small box. You can then decorate the box with pictures, stickers, etc.). Some ideas for the coupons are:
"Wash and Dry the Dishes"
"Set the Table"
"Hugs and Kisses"
"Rake the Leaves"
"Clean my Room"
"Do the laundry"
"One Hour of Quiet Time" for mom to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath"
"One whole family-Free afternoon"
"One Free Car Wash"
You get the idea, use your imagination!

Memory Keeper:
 A wonderful keepsake gift for mom!
Materials: small or medium box
Large piece of paper 20 inches or longer
photos, markers, scissors, glue
memory keeper box for Mother's Day craft ideaDirections:
1. Find a small box. Then cut a piece of paper the width of the box and 20 inches long.
Fold paper accordion-style into 5 equal-size sections.
Add photos or paper cutouts to each section.
Glue the first section of paper into the box bottom, and the last section to the lid.
Let dry, and close box with paper folded inside.

Personalized Key and Change Holder: This unique gift is sure to come in "handy"!
home-made key and change hand holder for mothers day gift ideaSupplies:
5 colors of felt
Chenille stems
Wooden block
1. With fingers spread apart, trace your hand onto cardboard. Cut out the traced hand.
2. Use the cardboard hand as a pattern to trace and cut two hands from felt. Cut the fingers off of the cardboard hand, leaving only the palm.
3. Glue the cardboard palm on one of the felt hands. Cut chenille stems to fit the length of the five fingers. Place a line of glue on each finger, from the tip to the palm. Put a chenille stem on each line of glue. Spread glue on the entire surface of the second felt hand. Press it on to sandwich the cardboard palm and chenille stems. Use the clothespins to hold the hands together while they dry.
4. Cut two rectangles (1-1/2 by 3 inches) out of white felt as shirt cuffs. Glue the cuffs on each side of the wrist section. Glue a button on one end of the top white rectangle.
5. Cover a wooden block with two pieces of felt for the top and bottom, and wrap another strip around the sides. Decorate the block with yarn and felt shapes.
6. Remove the clothespins from the felt hand and bend the fingers up. Glue hand to the block.
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