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Halloween Party Games
by Brenda Arnold
Halloween Candy Toss:

Plastic Pumpkin Pail or Cauldron
Halloween Candy
Note Pad & Pencil for Keeping Score
Measuring stick or tape measure
Colored Tape

Place a small plastic pumpkin pail or cauldron on the floor or suspended by a cord from the ceiling. Measure off a distance of six feet for children or eight feet for adults from the pumpkin pail or cauldron and mark with a piece of colored tape. This is were the player must stand when they try to toss the candy into the plastic pumpkin or cauldron. Next, hand out six pieces of candy to each player. The candy should all be about the same size. We like to use those miniature candy bars that come in bags around Halloween. In turn, each player places their toes on the distance line marked with the tape, and then tries to toss all of their pieces of candy into the pail or cauldron one at a time. When every player has had a turn, the scores are compared and the player who tossed in the most candy wins all of the candy in the plastic pumpkin or cauldron.

Hal O'Ween and His Squishy Body: Object of the game: You pass around paper cups to your guests while telling the story below. Do it in the dark or in a semi dark room and tell them they can't look in the cups. The cups are filled with gross "body parts" (food) and guests have to guess what it really is.

Paper cups. Peeled grapes or olives, peeled stewed tomatoes, piece of uncooked liver or similar meat, wet corn silk or yarn, catsup, latex glove, gelatin, cold spaghetti, pickle, chicken gristle or hotdog end. Papers and pencils. Don't forget to keep a box of hand wipes around for guests to clean their hands off with when you are done with the game!

Ahead of time, prepare the cups that are described below.  Have everyone sit in a circle, then shut off most of the lights and start the story. You have to have the room fairly dark so that people cannot see what's inside of the cups. You can pass out paper and pencil a the beginning of the game and let them write down their guesses between each cup or you can have each player guess out loud between each cup.  At the very end of the game, you can tell them what is in each cup, but wait until the end!!

Here's The Story: Tell the story as you pass around each cup. "Once in this town there lived a man named Hal O' Ween.  T'was years ago, on this very night, that he was murdered out of spite. They say these are his remains.

Here is his brain, which now feels no pain.
use a peeled squishy tomato or stewed tomatoes

Here are his eyes, still swollen with surprise.
use two frozen, peeled grapes or black olives

Here is his heart. Be careful lest it start!
use a large lump of uncooked liver or similar meat

Now we have his hair, which once was so fair!
use a handful of corn silk or wet fur or yarn

Feel these drops of his blood. All the rest turned to mud.
use a little catsup thinned with warm water

One hand all alone, just rotting flesh and bone.
use a wet latex glove filled with red gelatin

Here is his ear. Nevermore will he hear!
use a dried apricot or similar dried fruit

This is his nose. Now to never smell a rose.
use the end of a pickle, a hot dog or a soft chicken bone or gristle

These worms are all that's left to feel. For them Hal O'Ween was a lovely meal!
use cold, wet spaghetti

After the lights are back on and everyone has finished writing down their guesses, collect the papers. As you check their guesses, you can show everyone what was really in the cups. Give a nice prize to the person with the most correct answers.

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