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Halloween Craft Ideas

Halloween Doorstop Witch:
First rinse, clean and empty the juice or milk carton and fill partially with sand for weight. Cover with fabric and add embellishments as directed below. If the carton cap is the wrong color, paint it with craft paint in the right color before proceeding.
juice carton witch doorstop for Halloween decorationSupplies:
black or dark purple fabric
witches hat (purchased, or make your own from felt, foam, or construction paper)
two green chenille stems (arms)
craft glue
green fabric paint
plastic goggle eyes, or make your own from a circle of white paper and black marker
two small triangles of black felt or paper (shoes)
miniature straw broom
Remove the carton lid and, if desired, paint it green. Drape the carton with purple fabric and screw on the carton lid to make the witch's nose.
Place the witch's hat on top of the carton. Beneath this, glue on homemade or purchased eyes.

Paint on a witchy mouth, as shown in the photo, including a couple of ugly snaggle teeth for effect. Form two arms for the witch from green chenille stems, bending back the last half inch of each stem to make a hand shape. Cut a small slit on either side of the carton, where you want the arms to begin; also poke a small hole in the carton at this point. Dip the shoulder end of each arm into a little glue, then insert through the slit in the fabric and into the hole in the carton. Allow glue to dry before positioning the arms where you want them.

Glue the straw broom to the end of an arm, as if the witch is holding it. To finish, glue two triangles of black felt or paper to the bottom of the carton, so they are visible beneath the fabric as the witch's feet.

Black Magic Party Invitations: Print invitation text on computer postcard paper (8 1/2-by-11-inch sheets perforated into four sections). Use painter's or masking tape to secure the cards, information side down, to the work surface. Evenly tape the entire border of each card. Color the backs of the cards completely with brightly colored crayons, then coat with a thick layer of black tempera paint. Once the paint has dried, ask your favorite young artist to etch designs on the black background. To vary patterns and line thicknesses, experiment with such implements as plastic utensils, nails, toothpicks, and coffee stirrers. If you end up with extras, frame them with orange construction paper and use them as decorations at your party.

Halloween Ghost Flag:
This friendly ghost flag looks great hanging in a tree or near your front door.
ghostly flag Halloween decoration idea for Halloween craftSupplies:
1 white garbage bag
Large branch
Purple and black craft foam
3 large buttons
6-8 flat marbles
White craft glue
3-4 feet of yarn
Clear sturdy tape, such as shipping or packaging tape

1. Lay branch on work surface.
2. Place closed end of plastic garbage bag near the branch. Insert branch into the bag, poking through the side, running branch through the bag and out the other side (see image).
3. On the side of the bag that is attached to the branch, use scissors to cut two triangles; these will create the space between the head and arms. (Note: Cut only the two sloping sides of the triangles so that all of the pieces remain attached the bag. See image)
4. Tape the excess bag that you just cut, attach it to the branch.
5. Cut two ovals from black foam for eyes, and a simple mouth as well. Glue to the head portion of the bag (see image).
6. Cut out a simple bow tie from purple foam and glue under smile.
7. Glue 3 buttons down the front of the ghost’s body.
8. Go to the bottom of your ghost, which is the open end of the bag, and cut a triangle type pattern to create a jagged edge (see image).
9. Line up the jagged triangles on top of each other. Glue flat marbles in between a front and back jagged triangle. You do not have to glue them to every one, just put enough in to give your ghost some weight.
10. Tie yarn to one end of the branch. Wrap around several times to secure well. Tie the other end of the yarn to the other end of the branch, thus creating your hanger.

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