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Graduation Gift Craft Ideas
by Brenda Arnold
Bath Ice Cream Bomb:
graduation craft gift idea is bath ice cream bommbs in assorted colorsYou can easily bring a spa-like feel to your bath by adding handmade ice-cream bomb in it. These bath ice-cream bombs make a wonderful graduation gift for your friends and loved ones.

½ cup Citric Acid
½ tbsp Water
1 ½ cup Baking Soda or Soda Bicarbonate
10-15 drops Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil
2 tsp Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil
5 drops Food Coloring
  • Stir the dry ingredients well in a bowl.
  • Drizzle in almond or apricot kernel oil, while stirring until the mixture is moistened.
  • Add more fragrance or essential oil and base oil as needed and keep stirring until it mixes well.
  • Add water so that the mixture is not crumbly.
  • Roll the mixture in shape of a ball using your hands
  • Put the ball in a lightly oiled round mold or ice-cream scoop to give it a better shape. add a few drops of food coloring to make different "flavors of ice cream
  • Let it slip gently on a sheet of wax paper, where you have to leave it until it dries and gets set which will take several days.
  • Keep these ice-cream bombs in your bath room and add 1 bath bomb to the bath under running water to get that special frizzing spa-like bath that will help to relax.
  • You can some of the bath bombs neatly stacked in a large bowl or decorate them with fake cardboard wafers, to make them look like a real sundae scoop placed in your bathroom.

Graduation Frames:
seashell hand crafted pictures frames makes a great graduation giftAs the new graduate is likely to receive many photos of family and friends during the celebration an ideal graduation craft is a decorated picture frame. You can buy a simple wood frame very cheaply at Wal-Mart or a crafts supply outlet and then decorate it with objects that relate to the graduate's favorite occupations or hobbies. For instance, if the graduate like to go to the beach, you can adhere sand to the frame using a coating of glue and then also glue such beach-faring items as seashells  to the perimeters of the frame.

Graduation Scrapbook:
Another good idea for a graduation craft involves "scrap booking." This is a great gift idea for relatives or friends on a budget who still want to present the graduate with some kind of heartfelt and thoughtful present. Put together a notebook of hints on surviving in the adult world. Collect articles from magazines about such subjects as budgeting, doing laundry, homesickness and human relations (especially dealing with bad roommates!) from books and magazines and collect them in a book for the graduate. You can decorate the cover of the binder or book with ribbons, photographs, drawings and messages from well wishers.

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