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Graduation Party Decorating Ideas
Autographs: graduation autograph party favor ideasGraduating seniors love collecting autographs from the friends they'll soon leave behind. That makes objects that are meant to be signed perfect as graduation party favors. Collecting signatures also gives the party attendees something to do between food and games. Offer graduates any of the following objects and let them sign to their hearts' content:
Notebooks and booklets
White t-shirts
Stuffed animals
Frames and photo mats
White hats or visors
You will also need to provide plenty of pens or markers. If you're writing on fabric, make sure they're permanent markers, or all those signatures will go down the drain on washday.

Graduation Caps: A graduation party can never ever be complete without one thing and that is none other than the graduation cap. Graduation caps can make a wonderful prop for graduation party activities. You can even make the cap larger enough to use it as table centerpiece for the graduation party dinner.
graduation cap craft for graduation party decorations
Golden Marker
Poster Board

Make smaller caps to use as party favors or create a larger cap for a table centerpiece at your Graduation party!
Cut out a strip of the poster board that is about five to six inches wide and long enough to go comfortably around your head.
Let both the ends of strip overlap for about an inch and staple them together.
Fold the bottom edge of the circle for about half an inch. Glue the folded edge of the circle on rest of the poster board.

Now you need to cut the large square out of the bottom of the poster board. Let it dry. Paint the cap in school colors and once the paint dries, attach the tassel to one corner of the square. Write the school/college year on the cap in golden letters and your graduation cap is now ready. 

Graduation Diploma Invitations:
 Make invitations into little diplomas
Use a calligraphy pen to script the invitation, roll the paper up and tie with a colored ribbon.

Graduation Wall Hanging Decoration:

Tacky Glue
Permanent Markers
String, a long piece
4 thin strips of wood (6"x1")
Decorate your design onto the felt by adding a class photo below the name of the school and the year of the graduating class (The hanging should be long ways).
Glue a piece of wood to both ends of the felt on the back.
Glue the string to the front. Glue the other two pieces of wood on top of that. Let the hanging set overnight to dry.
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