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Gift Craft Ideas For Her
by Brenda Arnold
Potpourri Hangers:
Potpourri Hangers birthday gift craft ideaSpice up your closet with these scented Potpourri Hangers made from plastic hangers, lace and potpourri. Makes a sweet gift.

Plastic Hangers
Lace fabric
Lace trim
Hot glue gun

1. Cut 2 pieces of lace fabric about 1/2 inch larger than the body of the hanger.
2. With the hot glue gun, glue one piece of the lace fabric to one side of the body of the hanger.
3. Turn the hanger so the hanger is laying on the lace fabric you just glued on. Now sprinkle potpourri inside the area of the hanger.
4. Now glue the other piece of lace fabric on the hanger, sealing the potpourri inside the hanger between the two pieces of lace.
5. After the glue dries trim the lace fabric close to the diameter of the hanger.
6. Glue the lace trim around the diameter of the body of the hanger.
7. Tie a piece of ribbon in a bow around the neck of the hanger.

St. Patrick's Day Scented Sachets:
Make a sweet, scented doily sachet, decorated with green ribbons and shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patricks Day scented sachet giftable craft for St. Patricks DaySupplies:
2 Heart shape paper doilies 
White craft glue
green Ribbon 
Shamrock sticker, confetti, or cut a shamrock from green paper 
White tissue paper 
Fragrance oil, regular cologne or perfume

: Glue together two paper doilies leaving an opening at the top of your doily. Allow the glue to dry.

Tear up a little white tissue paper and spray a little fragrance on the tissue. Once your glue on the doilies is dry, push the scented tissue paper inside the doily and glue the doily opening closed. Allow the glue to dry before handling again. Tie a small green ribbon bow and glue in place (see photo) and attach either a shamrock sticker or cut out to the heart doily. You can also add a written greeting to the center of the heart with a green pen or marker. If you decide to add a greeting, be sure to make this the first thing you do, as it will be difficult to write on the doily once it is assembled.

Angel Pin or Magnet:

singing angel pin or magnet you can Supplies:
large white foam heart
2 medium white foam hearts
1 medium white foam circle
Glittery gold chenille stick
White glitter
Pink glitter
Pink acrylic paint
Scruffy paint brush
White craft glue
Hot glue gun
Black Sharpie marker
Pin back or magnetic strip


Mix a little white craft glue with some water.
Paint the white foam hearts with the glue mixture, then sprinkle white glitter all over them. Let dry, then tap off excess. Use a scruffy paint brush and dip it into some pink paint. Dab off the excess paint onto a piece of paper towel until brush is almost dry.

To make cheeks, paint small circles onto foam circle. Use the Sharpie marker to draw on her eyes, eyelashes and mouth. Hot glue the small hearts behind the larger upside down heart. The smaller hearts are the wings. Bend the chenille stick about 2 inches up. Then use your glue stick to make the round halo by wrapping the chenille around the cap of the glue stick. Trim the excess. Hot glue the halo to the back of the circle. This is the head. Hot glue the head in place at the top of the upside down heart. Pipe white craft glue onto the bottom of the large heart and up at the neckline under the circle. Sprinkle generously with pink glitter. Let dry and tap off excess. Turn angel over and hot glue the pin or magnet strip on.

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