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Holiday Gifts Children Can Make
by Brenda Arnold
Father's Day Paperweight: Is your Dad cool enough to have this paperweight?  
rock paperweight idea for Fathers day craft giftSupplies:
3" rock
Acrylic paint and Brush
Foamie letters and music notes
Paint a rock. Let dry. Stick on the letter to spell out "DAD YOU ROCK". Add some music foamies. 

Valentine's Wreath: Create a cute heart wreath.

Valentine's Day color Construction Paper (Red, White, Pink, Purple) Paper Plate, Scissors, Glue, Heart Pattern String or Yarn for hanging.  1. Cut a lot of small hearts of different sizes from the color or colors of construction paper of your choice.
2. Cut out the middle of a paper plate, leaving the rim.
3. Glue your hearts all around the paper plate to form your wreath.
4. You can tie a ribbon on it if you wish, or hang string to the back to hang from a nail or hook.

Memory Keeper:  A wonderful keepsake gift for mom!
memoryMaterials: small or medium box
Large piece of paper 20 inches or longer
photos, markers, scissors, glue
1. Find a small box. Then cut a piece of paper the width of the box and 20 inches long.
Fold paper accordion-style into 5 equal-size sections.
Add photos or paper cutouts to each section.
Glue the first section of paper into the box bottom, and the last section to the lid.
Let dry, and close box with paper folded inside.

Hands & Feet Turkey Craft:
Your child's hands and feet will help make this colorful turkey decoration.
hand Supplies:
construction paper in brown, 
black, orange, red, yellow , white
wiggle eyes, optional 
Make the turkey tail feathers by tracing your child's hand 
on colored paper and cut out 6-8 times in a variety of colors. For the turkey body, trace feet (shoes on) and cut from paper. Glue the two feet together, spreading them slightly apart at the bottom. Glue the "tail feathers" to construction paper overlapping them, to take on the appearance of feathers. Glue the "body" on top. Add a few more hands if you want. Attach wiggle eyes. Cut and glue or draw paper beak, wattle and feet.
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