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Easter Basket Crafts
by Brenda Arnold
Easter Bunny Basket: Collect and stash your Easter loot in this colorful, long-eared basket.
Easter Bunny Basket craft for childrenMaterials:
* Scissors or craft knife
* Half-gallon milk or juice carton
* Stapler
* Pastel construction paper
* Glue or double-sided tape
* Hole punch
* Pipe cleaners
* Googly eyes

With scissors or a craft knife (adults only), remove one panel of the carton (on the same side as the open spout) and save it to make the handle. Staple the open spout closed.

  • Cover the sides of the carton with one color of construction paper, using glue or double-sided tape to affix. Trim to fit.

  • Punch a hole in the center of the the spout ridge and insert pipe cleaners for whiskers. Glue on a pair of large googly eyes.

  • For ears, cut out large paper ear shapes from the same color you used to cover the carton. Cut pink shapes a size smaller and glue them in place in the middle of the ears. Staple the ears to the top of the bunny base so they stand up.

  • For a handle, trim the cut carton side, cover it with paper, and staple it to the basket.

    Nature Easter Basket: Perfect for nature-loving children, this sweet, grassy basket celebrates spring as well as Easter.
    nature Easter Basket craft for EasterMaterials:
    * Shallow basket with a wide mouth
    * Clear vinyl saucer
    * Potting soil
    * Ryegrass seed
    * Water
    * Undyed hard-boiled eggs
    * Bunny cookies
    * Animal figurines
    * Chocolate eggs
    * Brown paper bag
    * Scissors
    * Rafia
    Fill a clear vinyl saucer with potting soil, sprinkle on a layer of ryegrass seed, cover with a very thin layer of soil, and spritz with water. Keep in a sunny window and spritz daily. It will take 10 days for the grass to reach a few inches high. Place the saucer into the basket. Top the grass with undyed hard-boiled eggs, bunny cookies, animal figurines, and chocolate bunnies. Create a tag for your basket by cutting out a leaf shape from a brown paper bag. Tie it on with a raffia bow.
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