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Coupon Ideas & Printable Coupons
coupon books you can give as giftsA labor of love:
You can give a babysitting I.O.U. as a gift, or you can offer to help decorate the baby’s room for the mom. If you have artistic talent, you can paint a mural or create a stained glass painting for the baby’s window.

Printable coupons
: Kids can print some "home-made" coupon books for their parents' stockings.  These have preprinted chores on them. Click on this link to go to pre-made coupons for children to give as gifts.

Pre-made coupons: Here are some coupons you can print out. Simply right click on the coupon picture and save it to your computer, then print them out!

Coupons to Give to Children:
You can make your own homemade coupons, all you need to do is type up the message in a word processing program and add a clip art image to make the homemade coupon even more special.
1. Stay Up Late: This is a homemade coupon that little kids will love,

coupons to print out and give as gifts
especially when one of their favorite shows has a marathon.

2. Skip Taking Out the Trash: Kids hate to take out the trash so they will love this homemade coupon. Just don't be surprised if they use this homemade coupon as soon as possible.

3. Pizza Night: Kids love pizza and would eat it everyday if you would let them. This homemade coupon will allow them to request pizza at any time. To shake things up have a prepare the pizza themselves.

4. Movie Night: Kids hate to watch the news. This coupon will allow them to watch movies all night whenever they choose or to go and see a movie that has just came out.

5. $20 Free : If you are short on funds this Christmas, make a homemade coupon that says that they will get $20 Free whenever they want. Put dates on the coupon for when they can cash in the coupon.

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