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Cinco de Mayo Game Ideas
Limbo Stick: Use colored masking tape to decorate a long wooden pole or limbo game for Cinco de Mayo Celebrationstick. (A piece of one-inch PVC piping works well.) Turn on some Mexican music, and teach students to do the limbo. For this game you will need 2 people who will hold a stick at their eye level. Then ask the participants to cross the stick without touching or knocking it down. With each passing round bring the stick lower and lower and the guests need to bend their body backward to cross the stick. The player who manages it till the end is the winner.

Pass The Orange:
Arrange for teams of about 8 to stand in a line, one behind the other (arranged boy, girl, boy,...). Give each team an orange which the first person should tuck under his chin. This should be passed to the person behind. When the orange gets to the last person, they come to the front of the line and start again. The winning team is the first one which gets their starting person to the front again.

Cinco de Mayo Streamers:
Empty toilet paper rolls
Craft glue 
Red or green craft sand (you can also use salt as a substitute)
Red, white, and green ribbon (1/2-wide ribbon works well) Hole punch
Directions: Paint toilet paper roll with craft glue and roll in colored sand. Allow to dry thoroughly. Use hole punch to punch six equally-spaced holes about 1/2-inch up from the bottom of the toilet paper roll.

Give each child six one-yard length of ribbon (two of each color). Show children how to tie knots in one end of the ribbon and thread the other end through the hole. Children may wave their finished streamers around as they dance to Mexican music.

One Minute Chili Challenge Game: Give each brave guest a small bowl of try an eating contest with hot chilles to celebrate Cinco de Mayohot chilies. Then set the stop watch to one minutes. The person who finishes the maximum chili in one minute turns out to be the winner. Don’t forget to keep a large glass of water ready or you can keep some candies in a bowl for these daring players. However, if you don’t want to use chilies you can replace it with sour candies.

Cinco Bingo: A new twist on an old favorite: To create a Cinco de Mayo party game that is sure to please, simply make your own bingo cards, but substitute the word 'CINCO' for the more traditional 'BINGO'. Then, create cards with the appropriate letters and numbers, and shuffle for each game before drawing until someone yells "CINCO!" An appropriate variation for the game, depending on the age of the participants, would be the four corners, black out, and other standard variations on the normal Bingo games played. Be sure to have prizes for the winners, and enjoy the hours of fun this Cinco de Mayo twist on the old favorite Bingo game everyone knows and loves!

Cinco De Mayo Piñata: No Mexican theme party is complete without a trya a mexican style pinata to celebrate Cinco De Mayopiñata game. Take a piñata and fill it with candies and toys. Then hang the piñata and ask each participant to smack the piñata turn by turn or if you want you can give 3 chances each. As soon as the piñata breaks, kids rush to collect as many candies as they want. The one who is able to grab the maximum candies and toys turns out to be the winner. check our Cinco de Mayo Decoration page for directions on making a balloon piñata!
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