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Christmas Gift Crafts
by Brenda Arnold
Angel Pin or Magnet:
singing angel pin or magnet you can make as a Christmas giftSupplies:
large white foam heart
2 medium white foam hearts
1 medium white foam circle
Glittery gold chenille stick
White glitter
Pink glitter
Pink acrylic paint
Scruffy paint brush
White craft glue
Hot glue gun
Black Sharpie marker
Pin back or magnetic strip
Mix a little white craft glue with some water.
Paint the white foam hearts with the glue mixture, then sprinkle white glitter all over them. Let dry, then tap off excess. Use a scruffy paint brush and dip it into some pink paint. Dab off the excess paint onto a piece of paper towel until brush is almost dry. To make cheeks, paint small circles onto foam circle. Use the Sharpie marker to draw on her eyes, eyelashes and mouth. Hot glue the small hearts behind the larger upside down heart. The smaller hearts are the wings. Bend the chenille stick about 2 inches up. Then use your glue stick to make the round halo by wrapping the chenille around the cap of the glue stick. Trim the excess. Hot glue the halo to the back of the circle. This is the head. Hot glue the head in place at the top of the upside down heart. Pipe white craft glue onto the bottom of the large heart and up at the neckline under the circle. Sprinkle generously with pink glitter. Let dry and tap off excess. Turn angel over and hot glue the pin or magnet strip on.
Snow Globe:

christmas snow globe craft for christmas gift ideaSupplies:
glass jar with tight fitting lid
distilled water, or boil some water and use when cool
white or silver glitter, of fake snow crystals
clear silicone sealant
small waterproof ornament or figurine
plastic jar lid, to fit inside the jar as a base to elevate the ornament within the jar (or florists clay)
another plastic jar lid, or wooden circle, a bit larger than your jar lid, to use as a stand (optional)
acrylic paint for the ornament stand
Instructions: If you find that the ornament needs to be elevated somewhat to be properly visible within the globe, use a small plastic bottle lid to create a base. If the ornament is high enough to view clearly, use silicone or aquarium sealant to glue the ornament firmly to its plastic base, then glue the base lid to the center of the inverted globe lid. Allow this assembly to dry and set, using the cure time recommended by the sealant manufacturer. Use another small jar to test the snow fall. Fill the test jar with distilled water, or boiled water that has cooled, then add a scant teaspoon of glitter. Put the lid on and shake it to see if you like the effect. If the snow is too sparse, add a little more glitter. Add a few drops of glycerin and test it again. The glycerin should slow the rate of the snow fall quite nicely. Working over a sink, pour the water and glitter into the globe jar, filling it to the very top. Invert the ornament assembly into the water and screw the lid into place. Some water will be displaced and spill over the top of the jar. Wipe the jar dry and shake it up! You can use the sealant to glue the jar to a wooden base or another plastic lid. Paint the base and the jar lid and use craft glue to add your choice of Christmas coiled rope, a circle of Christmas lace, or whatever you wish.
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