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Christmas Decoration Crafts
by Brenda Arnold

DVD Snowman: Recycle an old or scratched DVD to make a snowman decoration!
DVD Snowman decoration craftSupplies:
discarded DVD
juice can lid
brown chenille stem
two plastic eyes (or black circles or pom poms)
small piece craft foam or felt
white spray paint
small piece of fabric or yarn to use as a scarf
black felt cut in the shape of a top hat
glue gun
Spray paint the juice can lid on both sides in white paint. You can also spray  either one or both sides of the DVD. Let dry.
Glue the eyes, and a small triangular piece of craft foam for the nose, to the juice can lid. Make a series of dots with black permanent pen to represent the snowman's mouth. Attach the snowman's hat with hot glue.
Glue the completed snowman head on top of the CD.
Tie yarn, cord or a small strip of fabric around the neck as a scarf.
Add a loop of cord to hang.

Pinecone Elves: Use these elves as decorations on a mantel, under a tree
, or atop presents.
Supplies: (per elf)
christmas elves craft for Christmas decorating2" Pinecones
2 Brown Pipe Cleaners
Hot Glue Gun
3/4" Wooden Craft Bead
Black Felt Pen
Red Acrylic Paint
Small Paintbrush
Felt (small pieces of green, white, red and blue)
Thread and needle (match thread to felt)
Templates for shoe, hat and mittens
Make arms and legs:
Cut 2 pieces, each about 4 inches long, from brown pipe cleaners. Hold a pinecone (about 2 inches long) so bottom end points up. Tuck 1 piece of pipe cleaner between the scales of the pinecone, positioning it as the arms. Position the other piece as legs. Secure with a hot-glue gun. Bend ends of legs to make feet.
Make head: Hot-glue a 3/4-inch wooden craft bead (hole side down) to the end of the pinecone. Draw 2 eyes with a black felt pen. Dab a small, dry paintbrush into red acrylic paint; blot. Lightly dab on wooden bead for rosy cheeks.
Make mittens: Print and cut out the templates. Stack 2 pieces of felt. Place mitten template on top and trace with a disappearing-ink pen; cut out shapes. Repeat to make another pair. With matching thread, use a tight whipstitch to sew together pairs of mitten shapes.
Make shoes: Stack 2 pieces of felt. Place shoe templates on top, and trace with a disappearing-ink pen. With matching thread, use a tight whipstitch to sew 1 teardrop piece to 1 notched piece around the point of the teardrop. At the rounded end, pull the notched ends together to make the shoe's opening. Repeat.
Make scarf and hat: Cut out a rectangular piece of felt. For hat, print and cut out template. Trace template onto felt using a disappearing-ink pen. Form into a cone; sew the straight edges together. Use the end of a paintbrush or chopstick to turn the cone inside out. Attach a metallic bell bead by pulling needle and thread up through pointy section and through bell, then back down again; knot underneath.
Place mittens and shoes on elf; if arms and legs look long, remove mittens and shoes and trim arms and legs. Put on hat; it should pitch back slightly. Tie on scarf.
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