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Christmas Wreath Crafts
by Brenda Arnold
Winter Wonderland Sandwich Bag Wreath: Put your elves to work on a wreath with a magical snow-and-ice look. Made of plastic bags tied onto a hanger, it's a perfect outdoor decoration.
sandwich bag wreath for a Christmas craft decorationMaterials:
White wire clothes hanger
Wire cutters
Needle-nose pliers
About 100 plastic sandwich bags (the fold-over, not ziplock, kind)
Form the hanger into a circle, keeping the hook at the top.
Using wire cutters, cut the hanger at the bottom center and wrap the ends around each other to form a circle with a 9-inch diameter. Use needle-nose pliers if necessary. Bend the hook down to form a loop for hanging the wreath.
Fold a plastic bag in half lengthwise and tie it around the hanger with a single overhand knot. Repeat, pushing the bags together until the circle is full. Add a bow.
Present Wreath: Unwrap a new wreath idea this year.
make a present wreath as a christmas decoration craft this year for ChristmasMaterials:
Small Boxes or Containers (like jewelry boxes)
Weather Proof Paper
Glue Gun
All Weather Tape
Flat Wooden Wreath Form
Cover small containers, such as old jewelry boxes, with weatherproof paper, which will hold up outdoors, unlike wrapping paper; seal with all-weather tape. Add decorative bands in contrasting colors, if desired, and tie with ribbon. Attach to a flat wooden wreath form using a hot-glue gun. Affix a satin bow.

Hard Candy Wreath:
A yummy looking wreath that's easy to make.
hard candy christmas wreath craft for christmas decoratingSupplies:
1 coat hanger
Approximately 30 pieces of assorted, wrapped hard candies, suckers, etc.
Approximately 30 pieces of colorful curling ribbon, cut into 8" pieces
Wire cutters
Pliers to bend the hanger
Masking tape
A dull pair of scissors to curl the ribbon
Unbend the hanger and cut it in half (this will be enough for 2 kids).
Bend the 1/2 hanger into a circle leaving about 4" at the top to make a hook. Twist the end to make it look like a circle with a hook on it.
Cut your curling ribbon into 8" pieces.
Fold your ribbon in half. In the middle of that ribbon tie one piece of candy. Tie it on the end of the candy where the paper twists.
Now tie the candy with 2 knots tightly on to the hanger. Tie the candy right next to the wire to help cover it up. Use the scissors to curl the ribbon on each end. Repeat the process for all your candy pieces.
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